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Trademark Licensing

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A trademark license represents permission to use Stanford's trademarks; therefore, all manufacture of products bearing Stanford’s name and/or marks must be licensed. There are no exceptions.  

The license type, and rights granted, will depend on the proposed use of the product and whether the applicant is a licensee or sponsor of the University. Stanford employs a licensing agent, the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), to assist in licensing administration and trademark protection. More about the Collegiate Licensing Company and the licensing process can be found on the CLC website.

Licensing Process

Anyone wishing to produce and sell merchandise featuring Stanford’s trademarks (“emblem merchandise”), including fulfilling orders placed by internal Stanford groups, must be licensed.

The Collegiate Licensing Company (“CLC”) manages the licensing process for Stanford. You will find information about the various types of licenses available, the estimated costs for obtaining a license and the projected timelines to complete the licensing process on the CLC website.  

Vendor Process Through CLC

  • Submit all required forms and sign all required agreements, including a licensing application, license agreement and code of conduct agreement;

  • Submit product art and information, and send product samples that CLC will send to Stanford Trademark Licensing for review and approval;

  • Provide proof of product liability insurance;

  • Purchase Officially Licensed Collegiate Product (OLCP) holograms for product labeling;

  • Pay administrative fees, advances and royalties.

Criteria used to evaluate applications include the following: type of license requested, product quality, the licensee's licensing experience and appropriate fit with Stanford's image, market potential, existence of current licensees offering a similar product, product liability exposure and ability to meet licensees code of conduct requirements.   


If you have any questions about the licensing process, please contact CLC.

Code of Conduct

Stanford takes seriously its commitment to social responsibility and has adopted a Licensee Code of Conduct that is incorporated into its licensing agreements.  Stanford is a member of the Fair Labor Association and the Worker Rights Consortium. University licensees are required to join and maintain membership in the FLA and adhere to its Workplace Code of Conduct.